Tour 2012 *LIVE EP*

by Radio Control

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Recorded LIVE at various shows during Radio Control's 2012 Tour. Specifically Woodland Park NJ, Raleigh NC and Washington DC


released May 17, 2012

we did it - that's it




Radio Control Boston, Massachusetts

listen. radio control are a two person punk rock pop band from somerville, ma.

if you want to find out more about them you can come to a show, listen to their music or send them an electronic mail. thanks for listening

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Track Name: GTFO
There were times that I
thought i was on
the verge of change

so don't tell me
that what is wrong
is that i dress this way

it's taken me this long
to find that
i know best

i'll listen
when i hear something
worth listenin'

get the fuck out

you used to have to work
i'm not the only person
that's been hurt

don't tie on to me
i'll drag you down
don't give us a chance
we'll tell you...
Track Name: Universe City
in the universe city
the kids are tough
you count their numbers on a finger
you either fight or you bluff

In the Universe City
the kids are right
but it takes five bands to lie down
for one to step in the light

cause in the cities heart
there lies a god
and i dont' know his name or
why the bill we're on seems wrong

in the universe city
the kids are real
they skip the bands on the back page.
for the ones they can steal

in the universe city
the kids been sold
on a dream like the rest of us
what matters most is the mold

cuz in the cities gut
there lies a slob
and he's still smiling
when they're serving him your heart

i'll take a walk
down by the bay
where arthur fiedler lives
thought we were smart
pusing bottles
underneath the docks

but in the universe city
i found my faith
dreaming short term is bound to get you let down
you only win if you play

cause in the cities heart
their lies a stone
and it ain't moving
until you tell it when in roam.
Track Name: My Master
Well I warned you once, my master
that the breeze belongs to the seas
don't believe that you're ahead of it

this is the last time
i hold you to it, though you're still young
if you insist on
laying claim to the land that you're tread on

oh i've tried, my master
but your age and your growing up
is your crutch, be aware of it

sing out not inside
don't rely on your face for a smile
understand your anger
what's easy now will get harder...

all our insides
are just infants

all our hearts fill
& empty in equal parts

I swear on high, i'm still here
though when time gets rough
you might be tempted to give in too
Track Name: Perfect Love
i had it all planned out from the beginning of the school day
but just like life the hardest part is finding what to say
as the note dropped down the cavern of your 1st floor locker
the plan it put to action could not be spoke of to anohter

it was a simple matter of making your boys pills placebos
as he lie there on the floor i think i hummed his death knell
and though you stood there frozen in shock and awe i drove you home
where our love, would be perfect

mark it down, mark it down my love
mark it down, mark it down my love

and now that your parents are taken care of in the garden
youre strapped in tight to your favorite chair and my arm is bitten
as the blood wells up against my skin it forms a heart oh,
it'll make our love, it'll make it perfect

don't let em say, that love is made for two
you'll be my doll, my living statue
you'll grow to learn, that you were deemed to break
and this perfect love, will only keep you safe

and our love, will be perfect.
and our love, will be perfect love.