Should We​?​!

by Radio Control

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recorded in somerville in 2013
all tracks written by radio control
tracked & mixed by matty studivan
mastered by luke sullivan
released by La Parca

Tapes available at shows. If you really want one & live far away, email us at


released April 1, 2014

kristina ines otero - drums, vocals
matty studivan - guitar, vocals




Radio Control Boston, Massachusetts

listen. radio control are a two person punk rock pop band from somerville, ma.

if you want to find out more about them you can come to a show, listen to their music or send them an electronic mail. thanks for listening

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Track Name: Don't Miss Home
i know, the city is sweet
take a bite it'll rot your teeth
i followed the beat of the drum

put on the mirror, the face
reflect what you've read of the race
i've taken a sip to be drowned

i've been begged to stay
i've worn out the tracks
but it's all over where the rents are high
and in the end it'll look quite differently
what i know for sure is that i
don't miss home

time runs, it sprints towards a goal
this city thinks it'll still have it's hold
on the new, the lucky the loved

oh how shakey it seems
the ground wiggles my physique is demeaned
one step closer, a hammer collides

my mind has left it's not going back
it's all over where the rents are high
standing small towns say it'll be a new day
what i know for certain is that i
dont' miss home.

when we say, that we know each other
what do we mean?
what do we mean?

when we say, that we'll work it out
is it true?
is it true?

bodies rushed blood pours from a smile
frozen solid it'll last for a while
love your home, but only in name

my mind has left it's not going back
cause its all over where the rents are high
and small town critics say it's already a new day
what i know for certain is i
don't miss home
Track Name: We Can Live Together
one and done
why was it so fun
to take your friends
and toss away
memories of yesterday

one and done
did you think that it was fun
to write the words that they said
used them to get a step ahead

you don't even know them...

I've played your game
but i couldn't shake the blame
the guilts too much for my heart
but you were born with a darker mark

i felt confused
but i'm done with excuses
when a person hurts who you love
there is a time to say enough

it should have come sooner...

you said you'd give up credit
you went ahead and took it

you said you'd say yer sorry
but what you said means nothin

one and done
a tried and true lesson
if you push away the closer ones
you can't be called on what you done

the fear of death
theres just two ways to live
you're born alone and you die as such
or you answer for the rough times
and live amongst your fellows

There's evil in our blood
but that don't mean it boils

There's evil in our blood
but that dont' mean it rules
Track Name: Secret Heart
at the start
deep in the ground
the thunder brought
science and sound
the sound, oh the sound

then the mud
it flowed with man
and equal parts of the ocean
the spark, oh the spark

the secret heart.

fast forward a thousand years
a man and a woman understood the fear
of death, oh of death

no record needed
just to sing with words
truer than they ever heard
the art, oh the art.

the secret heart

as the years passed like wine
an old dark grey and withered vine
grew thorns, drew blood

men took on metal chests
and women forced deep within themselves
felt pain, knew fear

the secret heart.

cuz ain't the human play
just a bunch of people dying?

i've known madness,
desperation too
but i promise that's not what i sing to you
right now, oh right now

things break down
like they always do
but this time the odds lie in favor
of me and you
Track Name: Perfect Love
i had it all planned out from the beginning of the school day
but just like life the hardest part is finding what to say
as the note dropped down the corners of your 1st floor locker
the plan it put to action could not be spoke of to anohter

it was a simple matter of making your boys pills placebos
as he lie there on the ground i think i hummed his death knell
and though you stood there frozen in shock and awe i drove you home
where our love, would be perfect

mark it down, mark it down my love

and now that your parents are taken care of in the garden
you're strapped in tight to your favorite chair and my arm is bitten
as the blood wells up against my skin it forms a heart oh,
it'll make our love, it'll make it perfect

don't let em say, that love was meant for two
you'll be my doll, my living statue
you'll grow to learn, that you were deemed to break
and this perfect love, will only keep you safe

and our love, will be perfect.
and our love, will be perfect love.
Track Name: Yer Grudge
the world tells us that life's too short to hold a grudge
but that was written by the people
who expect to infect the pieces of another person's memory
just because you said you didn't mean to be selfish
dont' mean you're not selfish let me give it to you straight
it'll never be as a simple as your story, reputation
or the days passing on

ain't it the same as it always was?
he can just get out there and say "i've changed"
politiking and pretending that nothing happened,
well it didn't to them
but if they can forget than i'll never forgive

some things don't get to be forgave
some forgiveness is a lie.

we are raised to believe that words have no meaning
so it makes sense we use them to say when we're wrong
and yeah i get mad, it's all i got to get by
cause history it ain't two sides
if they can read from a card why can't i read from a card,
it's my empty word against yours
and yeah i get mad, it's all i got to get along
cause his story is usually wrong

ain't it the same as it always was?
he can just get out there and say "i've changed"
politiking and pretending that nothing happened,
well it didn't to him
but if he can forget than i'll never forgive

some things thigns don't get to be forgave
some forgiveness is a lie

yeah life changed us
and there's nothing we can do about it
but own our past
and not let it own us
Track Name: My Master
Well I warned you once, my master
that the breeze belongs to the seas
don't pretend that you're ahead of it

this is the last time
i hold you to it,
though you're still young
if you insist on
laying claim to the land that you've tread on

oh i've tried, my master
but your age and your growing up
is your crutch be aware of it

sing out not inside
don't rely on your face for a smile
understand your anger
what's easy now will get harder.

all our insides
are just infants

all our hearts fill
& empty in equal parts

I swear on high, i'm still here
though when time gets rough
you might be tempted to give in too