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by Radio Control

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in may of 2011, radio control played WMBR's Pipeline. we had fun.

physical release as 10 track cassette tape for kickstarter reward in august of 2012. first run of 50 tapes. get the remaining ones @ shows.


released May 10, 2011

all songs by radio control
engineered & mixed by Mike Reed
mastered by m.studivan




Radio Control Boston, Massachusetts

listen. radio control are a two person punk rock pop band from somerville, ma.

if you want to find out more about them you can come to a show, listen to their music or send them an electronic mail. thanks for listening

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Track Name: Yer Grudge
the world tells us that life's too short to hold a grudge
but that was written by
the people who expect to infect
the pieces of another person's memory, memory

just because you said you didn't mean to be selfish
dont' mean you're not selfish
let me give it to you straight
it'll never be as a simple as your story, reputation
or the days a passing by

ain't it the same as it always was?
they can just go out there and say "i've changed"
politiking and pretending that nothing happened, well it didn't to them
but if they can forget than i'll never forgive

some things don't get to be forgave
some forgiveness is a lie

we are raised to believe that words have no meaning
so it makes sense we use them
to say when we're wrong

and yeah i get mad,
it's all i got to get by
cause history ain't two sides

if they can read from a card why can't i read from a card,
it's my empty word against yours
and yeah i get mad,
it's all i got to get along
cause his story is usually wrong

some things thigns don't get to be forgave
some forgiveness is a lie

yeah life done changed us
and there's nothing we can do about it
but own our past
and not let it own us
Track Name: The Waiting Game
you said that you'd go on and give it
you claimed that you'd lie right down
you swore that you'd cut ties cleanly
but now's our time.

things don't look so good but you hang on
blaming others for your mistakes
tellin' friends that the end looks friendly
but you can wait

and by the time we get the keys
to burn the fucker down
the status quo will be replaced
a steady stream of unfulfilled and forgotten ones
by the time they know it'll be too late

we don't have the fighting spirit
we don't wanna scream and yell
we don't wanna force the doors wide
and let all hell

break loose in time for a cup of your morning joe
it spills right down your favorite shirt
revolution ain't a word we know much about
but inconvenience is a place to start

we're waiting for you to die
we're waiting for you to die
we're waiting for you to die
Track Name: Don't Miss Home
i know the city is sweet
take a bite it'll rot your teeth
i followed the beat of the drum

put on the mirror, the face
reflect what you've read of the race
i've taken a sip to be drowned

i've been begged to stay, i've worn out the tracks
cuz it's all over where the costs are high
and in the end , it'll look quite differently
what i know for sure is that I
don't miss home

time runs, it sprints towards a goal
the city thinks it'll still have it's hold
on the new, the lucky the loved

oh how shakey it seems
the ground wiggles my physique is demeaned
one step closer, a hammer collides

my mind has left it's not going back
cuz things are different where the rents are high
standing small towns say it'll be a new day
what i know for certain is that i
dont' miss home.

when we say, that we know each other
what do we mean?
what do we mean?

when we say, that we'll work it out
is it true?
is it true?

i know the city is scared
of what is rumored to be in the air
what is new, what's lucky whats' loved?

bodies rushed blood pours from a smile
frozen solid it'll last for a while
love your home, but only in name

my mind has left it's not going back
things are different when the rents are high
small town critics say it's already a new day
what i know for certain is that I
don't miss home